30/May/2015Warning for Dog Walkers!

One of our clients has sent us these photos taken on bank holiday Monday (26/5/15) in the main dog walking field in Riverside park Rainham. He said he spotted 9 snakes in a space of 20 minutes, one grass snake, the rest adders. Remember to keep an eye out while walking your dogs! Credit ... Read more >

25/Mar/2014Dog Family Tree.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2588177/The-family-tree-DOGS-From-tiny-chihuahuas-great-danes-infographic-reveals-single-breed-related.html ... Read more >


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04/Apr/2013Cool for Cats: How to Deal with Feline Aggression

Cats are often synonymous with elegance, as they glide from room to room, purring softly. Indeed, this portrayal of calm is often the very reason why someone is attracted to owning a cat. So when a cat grows aggressive and becomes a danger in the house, this can be distressing to both cat and owner.... Read more >

19/Mar/2013Is your cat a fussy eater?

When a cat is picky with his or her food it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is because he or she has serious health issues. There can be a variety of reasons why a cat is, or becomes, a fussy eater. Health Issues Health issues are obviously the most important as they can be a symptom ... Read more >

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